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For camping trips or power emergencies MobiSolar's portable solar panels keep your eletronics charged and your portable power stations topped-up. They are lightweight and portable, easy to stow with your camping gear, in your car or RV.


The product includes connectors to work with for the following Portable Power Stations: Jackery, Energyzer Arc, EF Ecoflow, Golabs, AIMTOM, PowerOak, GoalZero Yeti, Marbero, Joyzis, Powkey, BEAUDENS, Enginstar, FF FLASHFISH, ALLPOWERS.

The panels use "shingle cell" or "Mono PERC" technology, which allows us to reduce the size of the panel, while delivering the same amount of power. They work with all brands of portable power stations and solar charge controllers. Unlike most portable or flexible panels on the market, Our products have a High quality ETFE lamination, that:

  • can withstand high levels of thermal stress,

  • has total UV permeability,

  • is resistant to heat and salt water corrosion,

  • has 10 years product life (compared to 5 years for most panels on the market, laminated witi PET/TPT material)

Our panels have have strong magnetic clips built in the handles which makes them easy to deploy, pack, carry and transport. Super Fast charge USB outputs are capable of charging all your laptops, tablets, smart phones, drones, digital cameras and other electronic devices 

  • 1 x USB-C PD3.0 Port 

  • 1 x USB QC3.0 Port

  • 1x USB-A Port

Portable Solar Panels

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Abundant power for all charging applications.

Frequently ranked as "Amazon's Choice" in Canada

The MobiSolar's 100W Solar Panels deliver  abundant power for charging all your power hungry electronics, power stations or batteries. They are often used for charging RV and trailer batteries, Ideal for power outage or disaster preparedness. When connected to a battery system They can power most portable coolers and camping fridges. You can connect several panels together to provide even more power to your system. 

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Compact but powerful.

Our MobiSolar 60W Panel, similar to it's big brother, delivers more than enough power to charge your laptops, tablets and phones. It is much more compact than the 100W variant, and ideal for the outdoors photographers, drone pilots or outdoors sports ehthusiasts who need to charge their equipment on the go. It is also perfect for your weekend camping trips. 

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