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PWM 10 A MobiSolar Solar Charge Controller

PWM 10 A MobiSolar Solar Charge Controller

SKU: 627987615029

The MobiSolar PWM 10A solar charge controller is a high performance device for use in micro solar systems. it uses advanced Pulse Width Modulation technology suitable for 12V and 24V off-grid applications. It is compatible with most types of batteries on the market (e.g. AGM or other sealed type, GEL, Flooded, and Lithium batteries). For Flooded, AGM, GEL lead-acid type batteries, the controller has three charging phases - equalize - boost - float. 


The LCD screen, dispayls system operating status and configuration parameters. The configuration is simple and user-friendly via the buttons on the front panel. The unit also has a 5V USB output, suitable for mobile DC load.


The controller also has a dedicated output for connecting lights, which can be turned on/off from the light button on the front panel. The lights can also be configured to operated on a time schedule.

The controller has a full range of electrical protections:

  • reverse polarity protection of for the solar panels and the battery
  • short circuit protection
  • battery over-discharge protection
  • battery over-voltage protection
  • solar panels over-voltage protection
  • load overload protection
  • unit overheating protection
  • Technical Specifications

    System Parameters

    Value / Range

    System wiring


    Rated Solar Charging Current


    No Load Loss

    8ma (12V), 12ma (24V)

    Max Input Voltage


    Battery System Voltage

    12V/24V Auto (FLD/GEL/SLD) Manual (Li)

    Maximum Solar Input Power

    170W/12V; 340W/24V

    Light Modes

    light control(dusk-to-dawn), light + time control, debug mode, manual control, steady-on mode.

    Light Control Delay Time


    Max Load Output Current


    USB Output


    Operating Temperature

    -35ºC ~ +45ºC

    IP Rating



    0.194 kg

    Communications Port


    Operating Altitude

    ≤3000 meters

    Controller Dimensions

    122*70*34.5 mm

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