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MPPT 30 A MobiSolar Solar Charge Controller with Bluetooth

MPPT 30 A MobiSolar Solar Charge Controller with Bluetooth

SKU: 627987615043

MobiSolar's MPPT 30A Solar Charge controller employs advanced Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) algorithms, delivering a peak conversion efficiency of over 98%. It is rated for sustained 30A of solar charging current and 37A peak solar charging current. The Controller automatically detects the operating voltage of your battery (12V or 24V) and can be programmed to work with Flooded lead-acid, Sealed lead-acid, Gel and Lithium batteries. It can also programming for custom batteries.

The controller has a tempered glass cover with LCD display and a touch-sensitive button to cycle between different screens. It also has an aluminum casing with silicon & polyurethane filling for improved heat dissipation / cooling and to ensure better charge performance in high temperature and high humidity environment.


The controller has an inbuilt Bluetooth module enabling configuration, monitoring and reporting via a mobile phone APP (Android and iPhone).  It also supports recording of system running data including power generated and power utilized for up to 300 days, compatible with monitoring App through IOS and Android.


The controller is specifically designed to operate in hot and humid environment. It has protection against solar and battery reversed polarity, solar and battery over-voltage, controller overheating, exceding temperature limits of the operating environment.


Included Accessories

  • External Temperature Sensor
  • Bluetooth Module (inbuilt)
  • Installation Guidance Paper
  • User Manual
  • Technical Specifications 30A MPPT

    System Parameters

    Value / Range

    System wiring

    Negative Grounded

    Rated Solar Charging Current


    Maximum Solar Input Power

    450W/12V; 900W/24V

    Battery System Voltage


    No Load Loss

    12mA/12V; 10mA/24V

    Max Input Voltage


    Operating Temperature

    -35ºC ~ +45ºC

    IP Rating


    Communications Port

    RS485 + Bluetooth(APP)

    Operating Altitude

    ≤ 3000 meters

    Controller Dimensions



    2 kg


    3 YEARS MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY The controller is covered by a MobiSolar limited warranty for three years from the date of purchase, covering defects in workmanship and materials under normal use in accordance with its intended purpose and operating instructions, excluding damage from normal wear and tear, alterations, misuse, neglect, accidents or service by anyone other than MobiSolar. During the warranty period and upon verification of defects, we will send you a replacement product.

C$148.00 Regular Price
C$138.00Sale Price
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